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Rodarakis & Sousa is a professional law corporation in Modesto, California.  The firm's attorneys provide a wide variety of quality legal services to clients located or doing business throughout the State of California.



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Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings that are initiated between opposing parties to enforce or defend legal rights.  While litigation can arise in any context where a dispute may exist, the procedural tools available in litigation are finite. Pre-litigation negotiations, pleadings, discovery, alternative dispute resolution, trial, and post-trial litigation are each areas within which a case may be won or lost.  The strategy that an attorney employs by using the tools available in each of those areas is what sets a good litigator apart from the rest. Whether engaged to defend rights or to pursue claims, the attorneys at Rodarakis & Sousa have extensive experience representing clients at all stages of the litigation process and take pride in developing unique strategies to approach each client's respective issues.


Real Estate

Real Estate issues in law can range from transactional to litigation. Transactional issues come in the form of purchase and sale agreements, leases, option agreements, rights of first refusal, security interests, easements, lot line adjustments, variances, and more.  Litigation in real estate can come from any dispute associated with transactional issues as well as other disputes such as disagreements over boundary lines, quarrels over rights to use all or a portion of property, or even damage to the property itself.  Also, particularly in the Central Valley, real estate disputes may involve homes, commercial buildings, industrial zones, vacant lots, or agricultural properties.




When it comes to contracts, lawyers serve two primary purposes: drafting them or litigating over them.  At Rodarakis & Sousa, we do both. We believe that our experience litigating over contracts gives us an edge when drafting them.  The more pitfalls that can be anticipated and accounted for when preparing a contract, the better protection an attorney can provide for its clients.  Likewise, experience drafting contracts gives us an advantage when litigating over various provisions within or interpretations of a contract.



At Rodarakis & Sousa, we pride ourselves on being business lawyers first.  That means that whatever the legal challenge operating a business in California may bring, our attorneys are here to help.  From inception and formation to dissolution and wind-up, and each stage and event in between, our attorneys are here to bring clarity to the situation and to assist the business professional in selecting an appropriate strategy, and then, implementing that strategy.  As natives of the Central Valley, and business owners themselves, the principals of Rodarakis & Sousa know what it means to run a business in the Central Valley making them particularly well-suited to assist their agribusiness clientele. 



Natives of the Central San Joaquin Valley, the attorneys at Rodarakis & Sousa each hail from diverse agricultural backgrounds, bringing with them a unique perspective and understanding of the legal issues facing the agricultural industry and its members.



Representing businesses means counseling business owners on a variety of issues, including employment matters.  The attorneys at Rodarakis & Sousa are experienced in helping business owners and principals to fulfill their legal obligations to their employees and in defending them in labor disputes.

100 Sycamore Avenue (1913)

100 Sycamore Avenue (1913)

100 Sycamore Avenue (2017)

100 Sycamore Avenue (2017)


In The Heart of Modesto

At Rodarakis & Sousa, we believe in our community and are proud to call the historic Graceada Mansion our home. We are natives to the Central Valley and could not be happier serving the needs of everyone in Stanislaus County and throughout California.


Graceada Mansion

In 1914 T.K. and Grace Beard moved into a new home in Modesto on the corner of Sycamore and Needham.  It was located on Sycamore Avenue across from Graceada Park. The park site had been donated in 1907 by T.K. and Grace Beard and Thomas Wisecarver and his wife, Ada. The name of the park comes from the first name of each wife, Grace and Ada.  The office building at 100 Sycamore Avenue was built in the 1980’s where the Beard home once stood. We continue to refer to the building as the Graceada Mansion as a tribute to Modesto and its rich history.